Our services


Film production

Production of product and image films as well as commercials.
Story development, storyboarding, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution via TV and cross-media.



Computer generated imagery for the automotive, railway, aeronautics, space and shipping industries. Concept designs in cooperation with product designers, architects and public relations and marketing departments of high-tech companies.


Virtual and Augmented Reality

Solutions for Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, as well as Microsoft Hololens. Used for exhibits, training, as support for customer advisory in sales, and realtime visualisations for architects and designers.


Visual effects

Compositing (animation/live action), set extensions, 2D/3D matchmoving, colour grading, 2D graphics, title design, supervision, 2nd unit team.


Exhibition content

Producing content for events and exhibits. Newest methods for visualisation like real-time presentations, 3D stereo in autostereoscopy or with glasses, augmented reality, holography and 360° photo/ video for VR glasses.


Complex content – lucid presentation

We visualise projects for large-scale architecture, automotive, railway, aeronautics, space und shipping industries, like technical processes within automobile and motorcycle engines, technologies of light-weight engineering in the BMW i8 or magnetic levitation of the Transrapid in Shanghai.
Pre-visualisation with architects, like the basketball court of FC Bayern Munich, animation of Munich’s second core S-Bahn route, including the new main train station of the Deutsche Bahn AG.


Visual effects for post production

We offer visual effects solutions, exemplary for the filming industry: „Störtebeker“ of this three hour made-for-tv film production, Stoiber Productions animated and digitally processed around 30 minutes, as well as modeled detailed replicas of cog-built, 14th century vessels.
„6 auf einen Streich“ for this successful fairy tale series we created visual effects for ASKANIA MEDIA.
„Um Himmels Willen“ by ndF we suppplied the needed flurries of snow during snowless times.
„Die Frau vom Checkpoint Charlie“ in 2015 our visual effects were newly remastered in HDTV for UFA.
For MAN Truck&Bus and BMW we combined live action scenes with computer animation.


Perfect limelight

We design and create product and image films, commercials, and content for all forms of exhibits.
Topics we covered include transportation systems, aviation and astronautics, automotive, architecture visualization, research and development, and future developments like electromobility.


Content for a perfect fair presentation

We devise, produce and integrate the content for your exhibits, using 4k high resolution video, augmented reality and holographic solutions, virtual reality stereoscopic content and interactive real-time applications.
Globally in any language.

We present motor exhibits and various applications in the BMW World, new engine developments by MTU for AIRBUS, holographic displays and real-time applications for Deutsche Bahn AG, and an interactive MINI exhibit for MARY-e.


A glimpse of the future

We build virtual, 360° worlds in 3D. Artificial or real life.
For training, demonstrations, from hybrid engines to complex sound systems, we offer an „x-ray vision“ into the technological interior of vehicles.
For our customers we created a completely new experience of a car configurator, using the HTC Vive. Besides changing the look of the vehicle and highlighting features, it also offers a virtual driving experience.
Hololens offers completely different solutions. We project animated objects into real life surroundins, which can be viewed, collaborated on, and discussed about.


How to find us

Gartenstraße 34, 82049 Pullach im Isartal